Kit Cat Wild Forest Pine Cat Litter 20lbs

Kit Cat Wild Forest Pine Cat Litter 20lbs

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100% Natural & Eco Friendly
Superior Urine Odour Control
High Absorbency & No Tracking
Ideal For Kitten, Cats and Small Animals
Soft & Gentle on Paws
Prevent sticking to the base of the litter tray

Kit Cat Wild Forest Pine is made up of 100% natural pine wood, manufactured from pure pine savings.

Firstly, it is cleaned and dried to improve its purity and absorbency.

Secondly, it is compressed into pellets for ease of use and convenience. Pine has a clean and natural smell which helps to reduce the odours in the litter pans. Kit Cat Wild Forest Pine has the capacity to absorb 3 times of its weight in water.


This absorption capacity is the key ingredients in controlling odour in the litter pan and providing a longer usage time. since kit cat litter is a 100% biodegradable products, hence it is easy to dispose and Eco Friendly.


Step One: Fill your litter box with approximately 5 - 7 inches of Kit Cat Pine Litter
Step Two: Kit Cat Pine Litter is designed to absorb urine and break down to sawdust
Step Three: Remove waste and shake the litter pan to allow sawdust to sink to the bottom and the larger pellets to surface up.
Step Four: Top up with fresh Kit Cat Pine Litter when the entire pan is covered with sawdust


Kit Cat Wild Forest Pine is completely biodegradable and can be disposed of either in the organic waste bin or may flush single clumps down the water closet.
Used Kit Cat Wild Forest Pine could be use as plant fertilizer as well.

Water Closet
Do not overload the water closet with clumps before flushing and do make sure plenty of water is used.