Nurture Pro Longevity Grain Free Venison with Green Tea Dog Canned Food 375g

Nurture Pro Longevity Grain Free Venison with Green Tea Dog Canned Food 375g


Made with grass-fed, cage-free, antibiotic-free and hormone-free premium New Zealand meats

Grain-free and carrageenan-free

Enhanced with Green Tea Essence for powerful antioxidant properties

Contains Co-enzyme Q10 to boost energy levels

Human-grade quality with ZERO animal by-products

NO artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

Formulated to meet the nutritional profiles established by AAFCO 

To satisfy the inner wolf of our companions, Longevity Venison Dinner with Green Tea Essence fuels dogs with high-quality Venison that possess higher contents of L-carnitine, amino acid that increases energy production and oxygen supply in the body. This helps to promote steady blood circulation and hence encourages healthy aging. This formula is suitable for active dogs living the energetic lifestyle. 

• Made with grass-fed New Zealand 100% hormone-free Venison

• Features high-quality flavorful lean red meat that is low in calories and low in cholesterol

• Contains easily digestible proteins of higher nutritional density and lower fat content that helps to build lean muscle mass

• Supports the production of red blood cells through high contents of Vitamin B12 and Iron and prevents the risk of anemia

• Grain-free and fortified with Green Tea powder, Vitamins, Minerals and Coenzyme Q10

• Hormone-free and carrageenan-free


With Green Tea Essence 
Green tea is loaded with multiple vitamins (A, C, D, E, B, B5, H and K), essential minerals and is a bountiful source of polyphenols – antioxidants that strengthen pets’ immune systems and support antiaging. 
Believed to reduce risks of cancer, Green Tea counters inflammation and fights off tumors and cancercausing free radical cells while helping to relieve allergies. 
Benefits of Green Tea:

• Vitamins for bodily functions and growth

• Powerful antioxidant properties that strengthen the immune system and support anti-aging  

• Anti-bacterial properties that reduces dental and digestive issues

• Reduces inflammation and risks of cancer

• Lowers cholesterol and regulates blood sugar levels

• Weight-control due to thermogenic effect

• Protects joints from deteriorating

• Reduces allergies 

Nutritional Analysis (Per 100g)

Crude Protein (min)              31.82%

Crude Fat (min)                    19.27%

Crude Fibre (max)                0.90%

Crude Ash (max)                  4.67%

Moisture (max)                     79.32%

Phosphorus (min)                 0.89%


Made in New Zealand