Zeal Chicken Risotto Cat Dry Food 1.5kg

Zeal Chicken Risotto Cat Dry Food 1.5kg


90% animal based protein (no by-products) 

Prebiotics for overall health 

Rich in fish oil - Omega 3 & 6 

Low allergen and gluten free 

Complete and balanced diet (AAFCO approved) 

Made in New Zealand

Zeal Chicken Risotto Soft Dry Cat Food is a dry cat food with a a soft, chewy texture. Made with whole ground fresh meat and bone, it has over 40% meat content and does not use any by-products or animal digest. 

Chicken, Tuna cooked and ground. A source of high quality protein, it provides an excellent range of amino acids (protein building blocks) for muscle building, tissue repair and a whole host of metabolic functions. Also a source of fish oil. 

Nutritional Analysis (Per 100g)
Protein g (Min) 35.2 (Estimated) Fat – Total g (Min) 12.6 Crude Fibre (Max) 2.2 

Calorie Content
3605 kJ per 100g